The Chic, Fantastique and Magnifique Pippo Pozzato Appreciation Society Presents Visual Media on the Most Misunderstood Rider in Cycling...Not That We Understand Him.

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7:31 PM
July 9th, 2012

…Spanish champion Francisco Mancebo of Illes Balears gets clears. He’s joined by the youngest rider in the race, Fassa Bortolo’s Filippo Pozzato, 22, who could be an Italian Armstrong in years to come. The two are caught on the last downhill by one of the orange-clad Euskatel Basques, Iker Flores, who uses his momentum to start an early sprint for the line.

But the one with the most speed in his long legs is Pozzato. The andy Italian bolts past Flores for the victory, his hands covering his face in joy. Until yesterday, when his team leader [Alessandro] Petacchi left the Tour after a crash, Pozzato was working as a domestique. Now he’s a winner, happy that his team manager Giancarlo Ferretti gave him the chance…

—Excrept from “23 Days in July: Inside The Tour De France and Lance Armstrong’s Record-Breaking Victory” by John Wilcockson.

Pippo Doth Admitteth to being EBIL Dr Ferrari client but methinks the performance enhancer swindled Pippo since his wins neither increased in number nor increased in prestige when he worked with Ferarri.

(Source: books.google.com)

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