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6:48 PM
October 8th, 2011

Fuck Yeah Tumblrs

Born under Pisces, I am contrary to the characteristics of my astrological sign with my love of listmaking. Do not infer that my organizational zeal for collecting and cataloging does is obsession with order; in actuality these taxonomic tasks are means with no ends save procrastination to put off folding laundry. Anyway, I am not aware of any (un)authorized or (un)official guides to Fuck Yeah Cycling Tumblrs so I have opted to collect these links; as time is finite I am unable to collect and catalogue all such related links so please inform me about my lapses in Fuck Yeah awareness.

The Original Fuck Yeah Cycling Tumblr Addresses

Yay Cycling! - The Original!

General Fuck Yeah Cycling Tumblr Addresses

Cycling through the Eyes of Women - On Hiatus

Fuck Yeah Bicycles and Beards!

Fuck Yeah Fixed Gear

Fuck Yeah Girls & Bikes!

Fuck Yeah Mountain Biking

Fuck Yeah Rider Tumblrs Addresses

Fucke Yeah Edvald Boasson Hagen!

Fuck Yeah! Tom Boonen

Swiss Perfection - It Could Only Be Fabian Cancellara.

Fuck Yeah Mark Cavendish

The Manx-Missile-Mania - Mark Cavendish.

Wannabe Bike Girl - Sylvain Chavanel…On Hiatus?

Fuck Yeah Katie Compton

Fuck Yeah! Alberto Contador

Fuck Yeah Bernie Eisel - The Dreamboat of the Peloton.


Thor Hushovd: The Bull from Grimstad

FY Tony Martin

Fuck Yeah! Vincenzo Nibali

Fuck Yeah Eddy Merckx

Fuck Yeah Peter Sagan

Andy Schleck

Fuck Yeah Ben Swift

Fuck Yeah Jens Voigt

Unofficial Honorary Fuck Yeah Cycling Tumblrs

Bangable Dudes in Pro Cycling

Boners in the Peloton


Cycleboredom - Powered by Snark.

CycleCycle BlingBling - FUCK YEAH BLINGEES!

Cycling Speed Center

Denis Menchov Fan

E & T’s

Geraint Thomas

Hot Cross Buns - Cyclecross Hotties!

Inrng: The Inner Ring - 39 Teeth.

It’s Millar Time - David Millar Mania.

Love of All Things Cycling

Only Love Will Guide You Home

Queen Stage

Ruthie Data Base - Warning: Geekiness Ahead.

Texts from the Peloton

The Uphill Shift

Women’s Cycling Tumblr

Last Updated: 17 May 2012

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